Friday, April 9, 2010

Time to Get Crackin'!

The new quarter has started-- after a realization last quarter that this will in fact, NOT be my last year of college, I am definitely resolving to make the most of my remaining time in San Diego. That is, I will go forth and eat as much good local food as I can between now and the next year.

This blog so far has been mostly recipes, but it is supposed to be a record of my adventures in San Diego, after all. This should absolutely include the food that I didn't make myself!

Last night, D and I went to Crab Hut, your typical Vietnamese-Cajun dive where crawfish and shrimp are served by the pound in plastic bags. I'm told it's rather reminiscent of LA's "Boiling Crab" or OC/LV's "Rockin' Crawfish". It may seem kitchy at first-- fake netting and fish all over the walls, and the servings can be hardly attractive in appearance, especially once you start cracking and peeling those little guys open with your hands. But the mess and the work is all worth it!

We started off with some oysters and garlic bread. Tuesdays are $1 oyster days, so come have your fill of creamy, succulent bivalves!

This is not Man vs. Food-- do NOT power-shoot your oysters!

D and I got one pound of crawfish and one pound of shrimp in medium-spiciness "Full House"-- which just means, a combination of all of their sauces. We were skeptical at first, when we saw the steaming hot bag with its murky-reddish contents full of claws and tiny legs, but Yelp recommendations have rarely steered us wrong. Once we dug in, it was all over! And literally... all over our hands. They give you a bib for a reason-- so make sure you use it!

We're so ready for this!

The sauce was mind-blowing-- such an amazing blend of flavors! The heat was surprisingly stronger than expected for a "medium" level dish. I really enjoyed the familiar Asian flavors and the way that the Cajun tones mixed in so well.

I think part of the enjoyment of this kind of place is a security in knowing that EVERYONE AROUND YOU is eating just as messily as you are. There are no plates-- there are just tables covered with butcher paper with a giant roll of paper towels. Definitely not a great place for a first date (unless you like that sort of thing, of course). Be prepared to feel somewhat savage, peeling and sucking on seafood shells, but it's all a part of the experience...

"Holy Crab!"

All in all, a great adventure was had and many napkins had to die at our service. Apparently you can ask for gloves to wear while you eat, but where's the fun in that? I hope we get a chance to go again soon-- I think I found a new food addiction!

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